EN – Mad ud af huset



We can cater for any occasion up to 1,000 people

Caters to Christmas parties, private parties, birthdays, christenings etc. Create your own buffet, free choice between 70 different special dishes.

When ordering for less than 20 people, you can select four hot and four cold dishes.
For 20 persons or more can be selected 6 hot and 12 cold dishes.

Minimum order is for 10 persons.

Price per person 99,-

For special events, it is possible to arrange a professional belly dancer who dances exotic dance around your guests.

Hot dishes

Rice noodles
Bulgur – wheat grains
Turkish meatballs
Pasta with mince
Baked porremix
Guvec – strong beef
Baked chicken
Sultan kebab
Turkey in curry sauce
Baked beef
Baked potatoes with steak
Aubergines with meat sauce
Chicken sote (without bones)
Green peppers with beef
Rice with peas
Pan fried cauliflower with spices
Aubergines stuffed with beef
Minced beef with spaghetti
Mini steak with mashed potatoes and red pepper
Stuffed squash with chicken and cheese
Baked potatoes
Lamb (+ 20, – pr. person)
Vegetables with mix


Fresh bread is included at no extra cost

Cold dishes

Shepherd salad
Leek salad
Pasta salad
Cauliflower Salad with special sauce
Mushroom salad with yoghurt
Cabbage salad with apricot
Homemade nutballs with peanuts
Spinach mix
Beetroot salad
Pasta with Turkish salami
Green beans
Salad with chicken
Pressed vegetables with chili
Mushroom mix
Manti – Tortellini
Mushroom – squash – carrot mix
Prayer Spire salad
Winter salad
Arpa – Sehriye salad
Cabbage salad with garlic and yoghurt
Spinach with yoghurt
Spinach with wheat grains
Ris balls
Pan fried potatoes with yoghurt
Rice salad
Turkish salami
Feta cheese with parsley
Tuna salad
Potato salad
Pickled vegetables
Eggplants, squash, potatoes, onions and green pepper mix
Mashed potatoes with carrots and yoghurt

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Tlf: 75 13 00 77