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As long as I can remember, I have worked. I started as a sweeper and like everyone else work, hard to get up the ladder, but even though I ended up as manager in a large company, I have always dreamed of becoming independent.

The opportunity came in 1999 and I followed my dream – I do not for one second regret. Every day I am happy to bring up a smile on my guests and I am grateful for all the visits we have had over the past several years.

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Det tyrkiske køkken

The Turkish cuisine has for centuries developed and been experimenting with lots of ingredients, spices and processing methods. Normally built up around the menus with a lot of side dishes “meze” which consist mainly of vegetables, seafood, stuffed vine leaves, olives, etc. Main courses are primarily beef and lamb and are often grilled.

The food is varied spiced, but rarely very spicy, as it is important that the raw ingredients must be tasted as they are. The most frequently used spices and herbs are cumin, paprika, parsley, garlic and lemon.

*All dishes are served with sauce and bulgur, rice, french fries or potatoes.
All meat dishes are available in the children’s menu for DKR. 99,-
Furthermore there is a selection of delicious Turkish wines.